Halting Del Norte Board of Supervisors Anti-Immigrant Letter

When: February 28, 2017
Where: Del Norte County, CA

In early 2017, the Del Norte County Board of Supervisors considered sending a letter to State Senator Mike McGuire voicing opposition to Senate Bill 54, The California Values Act. The letter, opposing protections for undocumented residents of California, was decidedly anti-immigrant.

In just a few days before the Board of Supervisors meeting, True North leaders collected signatures from 200 registered Del Norte voters to show the Supervisors that this letter wasn't what citizens of Del Norte wanted. Leaders showed up to the meeting with the petitions, prepared to make their voices heard. They gave statements emphasizing the amount of fear present in immigrant communities, as well as the need to preserve our larger Del Norte community and come together in support of each other.

After a lengthy public comment period with enthusiastic testimony from both sides of the issue, Supervisors attempted to motion to send the letter to Senator McGuire, but the motion failed in a 2-2-1 vote. Supervisors noted a desire to listen to their public and do what is asked of them by the people in their decision not to send the letter.

Unless you’re a Native American, we’re all immigrants...We’re not talking about criminals and violent offenders. I’m not. I’m talking about the people I know and care about and I know that you do, too.
— Terry Supahan, Executive Director
You may not see it because you may not have close relationships with undocumented people. For me, speaking Spanish has given me a door to that community and I can tell you that our friends and neighbors are living under tremendous stress and constant fear of being separated from their children and taken from the homes that they have built in this community.
— Patricia Black, Board Member
Today, Del Norte County needs to look within its soul and decide who we are, as Del Norte County citizens, not as Trump supporters, not as Republicans or Democrats.
— Jan Wortman, True North Leader and Local Business Owner