Public Education

At our regional convening in 2015, residents of Del Norte cried out for support as students and parents of one of the lowest preforming school districts in the state, and our community committed to work together to achieve a quality education, appropriate curriculum and equitable facilities. Students in our region deserve to have healthy school lunches, accountable and dependable school board trustees, adequate recreation facilities, culturally appropriate curriculum, a restorative justice discipline model and much more, so that they can be successful both in school and after graduation.

2017 Recreation Connection.jpg

Klamath Recreation Connection

The Klamath Local Organizing Committee secured commitments from Tribal leaders, County Supervisors, and others in Klamath and Crescent City to improve local youth recreation facilities.

June 20, 2017
Klamath, CA

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Del Norte Education Action

The Education-Focused Local Organizing Committee gained a commitment from the Del Norte Unified School District to support equity and positive change in the district's schools, including better communication between families and teachers.

May 22, 2015
Klamath, CA

Del Norte Unified School District Board Candidates Forum

True North leaders organized School Board candidates’ forum for Del Norte Unified School District.

October 1, 2014
Del Norte County, CA

2013 Sunset Weight Room.JPG

Sunset High School Weight Room

Sunset High School students organized and gained improvements for the weight room.

Crescent City, CA

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Sunset School Lunches

Youth organizing group formed at Sunset High School in Crescent City. The group used the PICO model to secure equitable school lunches to Del Norte High School.

Crescent City, CA