Sunset School Lunches Action

When: May 15, 2012
Where: Crescent City, CA

In 2012, Building Healthy Communities convened students at Sunset Continuation High School in Del Norte County to become part of the Sunset Student Organizing Committee. Students on the SSOC followed the PICO organizing model and conducted research, held meetings with those in power, and determined that they could negotiate for healthy school lunches. In May, they organized an action to publicly ask their superintendent and principal to commit to positive changes at Sunset School.

The SSOC asked Rodney Jahn, Deputy Superintendent:

  1. Will you direct the Food Services Department to send us a full salad bar, including the hot entrée offered to students at Del Norte High School on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays?
  2. Will you direct the Food Services Department to further change our existing school lunch menu to offer us the choice of the spicy chicken sandwich on Mondays OR Fridays?
  3. Will you commit to making theses changes on or before May 21, 2012?

The SSOC asked Suzie Dooley, Principal Sunset High School, to ensure the same staff coverage on Tuesdays and Thursdays? Students asked both Jahn and Dooley to meet with representatives from SSOC within the next month to evaluate the progress that has been made toward their commitments.