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Forum on ending homelessness Oct. 10

“Our local Homelessness Organizing Committee has successfully worked with the Del Norte County Board of Supervisors and Crescent City Council to pass resolutions making ending homelessness in our community a priority. These resolutions call for a solutions oriented community-wide effort that respects the human dignity of our brothers, sisters and children without housing. We believe (and evidence shows) communities that are successful in addressing homelessness do so by coming together to work productively on developing sustainable solutions. We’re inviting you and our entire community to be part of this effort.”

Del Norte Triplicate 09/18/2018


Crescent City Council to vote on homelessness resolution

"Crescent City’s City Council will vote on a resolution the organization True North provided aiming to end homelessness, at a special council meeting Tuesday night. True North got the attention of the council at their last meeting where they came up with a list of reasons to make ending homelessness a top priority in Crescent City."

Redwood News 09/03/2018


California Juvenile Diversion Effort Targets Native American Youth

“The issues that our youth are facing are complex and multi-generational. The issues of their parents and their grandparents. I think when we take a look at the family as a whole unit, I think that’s where we can find some deep healing, because within our culture … to be a well-rounded human being you need that village,” said Priscella Kinney, a Paiute Shoshone who lives and works on the Yurok Reservation for True North, a community-based organization effort in Humboldt County.

The Chronicle of Social Change 08/23/2018


Panel studies homelessness issues

A locally organized committee dedicated to addressing homelessness came to the Board of Supervisors Tuesday to ask it make ending homelessness a priority and to dedicate county staff to help. The committee was created by True North Organizing Network and has been researching homelessness issues. While the board supported the prioritization, it was not unanimous in dedicating county staff to the problem.

Del Norte Triplicate 08/18/2018


While One Comes Home, Thousands Suffer, Says True North After Claudia Portillo Released From ICE Detention

Our network has witnessed the pain that a family experiences when a daughter, sister, mother, cousin, aunt and friend is jailed and separated from those who love her. Through our relationships with Claudia and her family, we empathize deeply with the pain of isolation and the cruelty of immigration detention. We opened our hearts and put our boots on the ground for Claudia, and this time we were able to help bring a loved one home. We need to do the same for other families who are being ripped apart by the broken immigration system and callous government officials.

While Claudia will likely be home with her family by the end of this week, thousands of children and parents will remain separated, alone and afraid. The whereabouts of their loved ones will remain unknown. As an organization dedicated to advancing immigrant rights, we will continue our fight for them. Now is the time for all people of goodwill and a thirst for justice in our North Coast Community to stand up and join us in this fight!


Detained Arcata Mom Back With Family

"Urueta said she believes the outpouring of community support shown during Portillo’s hearing Monday played an important role in Judge Patrick O’Brien’s decision to grant Portillo’s request to be released on bond."

North Coast Journal 06/20/2018


Feeding the Fight to Free Claudia Portillo

'“It’s not a question of why we should help, its why would we not help support an upstanding member of our community. Why would we not go to bat to keep families together?” Dennis Rael, who helped coordinate the free food for the protesters says. He explains that Los Bagels as a company stands with the community, and for human rights. But the donation was not about promoting the store, simply helping people who are fighting for what they believe is right."

Redwood News 06/19/2018


Arcata mother detained for 7 months by ICE after routine check-in released on bond

"Over the past week, a community fundraiser has raised more than $8,000 in online and in cash donations, and both individuals and community groups are arranging to cover the rest of the $12,000 cost of her release. Claudia may be home with her family this week."

North Coast News 06/19/2018


Arcata mother Claudia Portillo can be released from ICE custody, judge rules

"Arcata resident Claudia Portillo, who was held in Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody since November, could soon be freed following a decision by a San Francisco immigration Judge Patrick O’Brien on Monday afternoon. Avigail Portillo, who just graduated from high school this month, was part of a convoy of around two dozen people that went down to San Francisco for the immigration hearing Monday. “Honestly, I was happy to see her but I was more nervous,” Avigail Portillo said after Monday’s hearing. Avigail Portillo said she and her three younger sisters are all excited for their mother to return home to Arcata.

Times-Standard 06/18/2018


Arcata Mom Granted Bail After 7-Month Immigration Detention

This morning, Judge Patrick O’Brien granted Portillo’s request to be released on $12,000 bond, though the Department of Homeland Security can appeal his ruling, which would delay Portillo’s release. Portillo has four daughters, one of whom graduated from Arcata High School last week.

A community fundraiser held over the past week raised more than $8,000 and community groups are currently working to raise the rest of the money needed for Portillo’s bond with the hopes she will be able to return home this week.

North Coast Journal 06/18/2018


Juez fija fianza para madre indocumentada detenida

"Claudia Portillo, asistió a una visita de revisión con inmigración en Bakersfield y fue detenida, pasaron más de siete meses para que un juez le asignará una fianza de 12,000 dólares para poder regresar a casa y estar con sus cuatro hijas."

Univision Television Group 06/18/2018


Family Fights to Keep Undocumented Humboldt County Mother in United States

"Dozens drove from six hours away in Claudia's home of Arcata to San Francisco on Monday to see if she might receive bond. When the judge declared it at $12,000, more than twice what the group raised, things looked cloudy -- and then, magic.

"One of our neighbors was sitting next to me and she looks up and says, 'I inherited some money. I'm going to front it. I have a check in my pocket. I'm just going to pay it,'" said Leila Roberts, a community supporter with the True North group."

NBC Bay Area 06/18/2018


After Seven Months Humboldt Woman Granted Release from Immigration Detention Center

"Claudia Portillo, an undocumented Arcata resident and mother to four daughters, has been granted release on a $12,000 bond after seven months of immigration detention, and her community is arranging to pay for her release. The North Coast community has advocated for Ms. Portillo’s release both at home in Humboldt and Del Norte counties and in San Francisco with community events, online fundraisers and direct support to her family."

Lost Coast Outpost 06/18/2018


Humboldt Co. woman detained since November set to be released, reunited with family

"A Humboldt County woman who has been detained by immigration officials since November is now set to be released and reunited with her family. The family says they are celebrating today. But, say with recent events they will continue their work fighting for immigrant families.

More than a dozen family members and supporters of Claudia Portillo journeyed down state from Humboldt County and rallied outside an immigration courthouse in San Francisco on Monday, hoping for her release."

KTVU Television 06/18/2018


Humboldters to Travel South in Support of McKinleyville Mother Held in ICE Detention Center

'“My sister has been stuck in detention for seven months. She has missed her daughters’ birthdays and graduations waiting for a bond hearing.” Explained Ms. Portillo’s sister Jenny Ventura. “That hearing was just scheduled for 1 p.m. on Monday, June 18th in San Francisco. We have to make it count.”'

Lost Coast Outpost 06/13/2017


Humboldt County Residents Will Convoy to S.F. to Demand Return of Woman Detained by ICE

"Two convoys from Humboldt County will depart promptly at 6:30 am Monday, June 18th from in front of both the Arcata and Eureka locations of Los Bagels, a popular local bakery and cafe and donor of food for the journey. They will gather with clergy and allies at the San Francisco Immigration Court house at 12 noon that day, before filing into Ms. Portillo’s 1 pm hearing."

Redheaded Blackbelt 06/13/2018


True North Sets Up ‘Rapid Response Hotline’ in Preparation for Threatened ICE Raids

"Since May 2017, True North leaders and staff have partnered with the Northern California chapter of the ACLU to build a Rapid Response Network to respond to heightened fears of ICE raids on the North Coast. So far, more than 50 local leaders comprise the Response Team, and have been trained to respond if unforeseen ICE activity is reported and verified in Humboldt County."

Lost Coast Outpost 01/22/2018


Arcata Mother Detained by ICE / Madre Local detenida por ICE

"When Claudia Portillo, 30, mother of four, left her north Arcata home three weeks ago, she was confident that her appointment at the U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services office in San Francisco would go well. But Portillo didn’t come back, and what was supposed to be a yearly check-in became a fight to bring her home. Jenny Ventura, sister of Portillo and a leader within the True North Organizing Network, knows all too well that the current immigration system can be difficult to navigate for many undocumented people. “My sister had an appointment at the regional center on Tuesday, Nov. 14,” Ventura said. “She was very confident that she would just turn in her paperwork for her annual check-in. I was even going to go with her.”'

"Cuando Claudia Portillo, de 30 años y madre de cuatro hijos, dejó su hogar en el norte de Arcata hace tres semanas, confiaba en que su cita en la oficina del Servicio de Ciudadanía e Inmigración de los Estados Unidos en San Francisco iría bien. Pero Portillo no regresó, y lo que se suponía ser un registración anual se convirtió a una pelea para llevarla a casa. Jenny Ventura, hermana de Portillo y un líder dentro de True North Organizing Network, sabe muy bien que el sistema de inmigración puede ser difícil de navegar para muchas personas indocumentadas. “Mi hermana tuvo una cita en el centro regional el martes 14 de noviembre,” dijo Ventura. “Ella estaba muy segura de que solo entregaría su documentación para su registro anual. Incluso iba a ir con ella.”'

El leñador 12/08/2017


Vigil for McKinleyville Woman Detained by ICE to Be Held Tonight; ‘Deportation Defense’ Online Fundraiser Launched

"32-year-old Claudia Portillo remains in a Bay Area detention center now two weeks after she was taken into custody by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials. In response various local community organizing groups have planned a #No1StandsAlone vigil in Arcata for Tuesday night. Additionally a GoFundMe campaign has been launched to raise funds for potential future legal costs Claudia’s family — which includes her fiancee and four children, all U.S. citizens who live her in Humboldt — may endure."

Lost Coast Outpost 11/28/2017


McGuire comes to town

"Mike Thornton, a True North organizer researching local homelessness, asked legislators in the room for their suggestions regarding such issues. “It is going to have to be a combined effort,” Inscore said, noting meetings are ongoing to solve these problems. He said the city is working to be competitive in receiving money from the state’s No Place Like Home initiative."

Del Norte Triplicate 10/28/2017


Board passes resolution supporting Dreamers

"Cynthia Barcelo, immigration rights leader for True North Organizing Network, pointed out the parents, siblings, grandparents, cousins, neighbors and best friends of Del Norte students who don’t qualify for DACA fear they may be taken away from their families. The fear that they will be taken away from their families make some undocumented immigrants physically and mentally ill, she said. “We worry that DACA immigrants will be supported at the expense of undocumented immigrants who are just as worthy as any human being of dignity and respect,” Barcelo said. “On behalf of the members of my community who feel frightened and are hiding in the shadows, I plead that you take a similar stand for them as well. They need elected leaders like you to stand with them.”

Felice Pace, a member of the Klamath Local Organizing Committee, which is affiliated with True North, noted many undocumented workers in Del Norte County do jobs that are difficult and dangerous and are poorly paid. “It is not that Americans don’t want to do those jobs,” he said. “It’s just that we’re not willing to work that hard for that little amount of money. I would hope that knowing those realities, that you would support all of the people that are part of our community and happen to be undocumented.”'

Del Norte Triplicate 09/30/2017