Del Norte Education Action

When: May 22, 2015
Where: Klamath, CA

Our Education LOC began researching public education issues In December of 2014 by following up with the school board on their questions in the Candidate’s Forum about the LCAP and the ACLU agreement. The LOC made many discoveries along the way: the urgency of the superintendent search, the LCAP prioritization process, and the ever looming threat of losing teachers and counselors.

It was after witnessing the poor turnout of parents to the community input meetings for the LCAP and the superintendent search that leaders from Del Norte concluded they needed a proactive solution to get more parents involved with the success of their children. When the LOC began sharing their idea, they discovered that many district officials, principals, teachers, parents and students really wanted more welcoming schools and better communication amongst teachers and parents.

They discovered what a difference the presence of a parent or community member can mean in a school, and due to a lack of open and honest communication with the child at the center, often there is a cycle of blame that offers nothing in the way of a solution for a child. The LOC looked at models of success, like the Parent Teacher Home Visit Program, that have improved student academic success, improved attendance, and reduced suspensions and expulsions.

At the action on May 22, District Officials, principals, teachers and community stakeholders (including local tribes and True North) agreed to formally adopt a process and a timeline to research, select and pilot a parent engagement model (such as PTHV), that will improve communication and transform schools back into community centers where people come together in the best interest of the child. Additionally, the LOC negotiated to meet with the new superintendent within the first month of them taking office to get a commitment to this proposed solution.