Halted Crescent City City Council Anti-Immigrant Letter

When: May 2017
Where: Crescent City, CA

I would urge you to take time to figure out a better healing approach and to make sure that what you’re trying to do here, what you’re trying to speak to, is not so much what is happening in Sacramento but what’s happening here in Crescent City and Del Norte County.
— Terry Supahan, Executive Director

Just over two months after the Del Norte County Board of Supervisors attempted to send a letter to the State Senate voicing opposition to Senate Bill 54, The California Values Act, the Crescent City City Council tried a similar motion. Once again, True North leaders turned out to the meeting in support of immigrant communities and gave public comment urging the Council to listen to their constituents and reject the letter.

Leaders brought up the question of appropriateness with regards to the Council weighing in on a state bill when they've been silent on most others, the statistics that prove crime increases when people are afraid to call law enforcement, the impact this could have on local agricultural workers (many of whom are immigrants), and the rising fear in Crescent City's immigrant communities.

With public comment taken into consideration, the City Council decided not to send the letter in opposition to SB 54.