Del Norte Board of Supervisors Candidates Forum

When: April 26, 2018
Where: Crescent Elk Middle School, Crescent City, CA


True North leaders invited the Del Norte community to participate in a public forum with the District 3 and District 4 candidates for our Board of Supervisors during their 2018 campaign. District Supervisors make important decisions every day that shape life in Del Norte County. They discussed issues such as water quality, education, public safety, housing and homelessness, immigration and more. The event will also included an information fair with tables from our Local Organizing Committees, allied and other organizations.

Our leaders asked the candidates these questions:

  1. If you are elected, will you support no spray buffers along streams to keep pesticides out of the water? And what other actions will you take or advocate in order to secure and safeguard clean drinking water for those living in and around Smith River Plain?

  2. How do you plan to support the Sheriff and his staff in securing de-escalation and verbal resolution training beyond the mandated trainings required under 13515.28 (a)(1) California Penal Code?

  3. If you are elected what will you do to bring High Speed Internet to all our communities and the homes of all our students?

  4. If elected will you support the creation of a “Dignity Village” model which is a form of transitional housing where people who are homeless can have access to safe, stable, temporary housing which includes sanitation, cooking facilities and relevant community services?
    And, will you commit to helping lead a community-wide task force that will actively seek and implement sustainable solutions to homelessness in our county?

  5. What will you do (big or small) to help end institutional racism?

Members of the audience were also able to submit questions, and the conversations ranged from sexual harassment in the workplace, to cannabis tax revenue, to SB 54, to road conditions and more.