Police Accountability

Law enforcement agencies exist to serve and protect their communities. However, due to phenomena like racial profiling and inequitable treatment  of poor, disabled, mentally ill and addicted individuals, many of our community members are distrustful or even scared of law enforcement. Through close, respectful and reciprocal relationships, True North seeks to bridge the gap between law enforcement and the communities they serve, and to hold our officials accountable to their mission to protect and serve.

2018 Immigrant Issues Law Enforcement Forum.png

Expanding Perspectives Forum with Law Enforcement

As a follow-up to the Coastal LOC and Latin@ LOC's Unity Action in 2017, the Latin@ LOC organized a forum with Humboldt County and Arcata law enforcement officials. The forum was focussed on immigrant issues, the agencies' relationship with ICE, and the agencies' thoughts on Sanctuary at both a city and county level.

March 24, 2018
Humboldt County, CA

2017 California Values Act.jpg

SB 54 California Values Act Passage

True North, partnered with PICO California, organized local support for the passage of CA Senate Bill 54: the California Values Act. SB 54 has been called a "Sanctuary State" law and has received intense opposition by anti-immigrant lawmakers and officials on a national scale.

October 5, 2017

2017 Unity Action.jpg

September 11th Unity Action on Immigration

Our Coastal LOC in partnership with our Latino LOC negotiated the removal of the term “Alien” in reference to immigrants in the Humboldt County Correctional Facility, and held an action to solicit commitments from law enforcement to undergo implicit bias trainings.

Humboldt County, CA
September 11th, 2017

2015 AB 953.jpg

AB 953 The Racial and Identity Profiling Act Passage

True North, partnered with PICO California, organized local support for the passage of CA Assembly Bill 953: The Racial and Identity Profiling Act. AB 953 put measures in place to ward against racial profiling by law enforcement in California, and created accountability systems to review all stops made by law enforcement in the state to research the presence of racial profiling.

October 23rd, 2015